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i feel a strong need to discover who/what i was in my past lives. is there any way i could do this? does anyone who live in the nyc area know of any trustworthy psychics i could go to who could possibly help me with this?, thank you.

oh and just out of curiousity, what happened to evictedfromwomb?

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This comm is getting pretty dead
Everyone Reply with your very first past life memory :)

My very first past life memory is:

I saw this guy with blonde hair and marble blue eyes standing in front of a store. it was in the 1890/1900 era.
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Who I was....

Ashley Henderson/Evans, Norfolk Va/Fayetteville, NC/Henderson, GA/Elyria Ohio (1955-1977)- Sucuide
Tabitha James, Elyria,Ohio/ Norfolk VA (1932-1945)- Murder
Abigail Townshend/Burdett/Meyers, Geoergia/Virgina/Ohio (1885-1914)Childbirth
Mary Beth Sumner (unknown anything for now)
Moria Richards, Ireland/France (unknown birth or death)
Marigold Bishop, Salem, Mass. (d.around 1692/93)Murder

Theres more but my mind is going blank.
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