I know the pieces fit cuz i watched them fall away (evictedfromwomb) wrote in thepast_repeats,
I know the pieces fit cuz i watched them fall away

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these are some werid dreams that i have had over the timeframe of my life....

Im locked in a room with 11 doors and i have a set of keys but none of them fit then i find a clue to something and one of the keys change and fit into one of the doors then theres a clue in the room and when i figure it out i one of the other keys change.

then theres the one where im sitting in a room and theres 11 journals everytime i pick one up to read them the words dissapear.

then theres this one i had the other night were theres this little kid with the most evil looking eyes yet they looks sweet at the same time, then the kid smiles and he has really sharp evil teeth. then i was visiones me pressing my thumb on someone throat and i poked a hole in it then all this green shit starts coming out of the hole.
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