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Has anyone figured out if they have a past life? If so, Care to share who you were...

Here's a few of mine

Isis/Moda-In egypt (Unknown if I was THEE Isis, but my name was Isis also known as Moda)

Adrienne Bouvier-_________-
-Married a man name Peter. Lived in France, unsure of time frame.
-Unsure of death
Cathleen O'Conner-Richards-__________-
-Married a man named Stephen (In Ireland) He died.
-Married a man named Peter (In France)
-Was murdered...unsure of details
Rebecca __________
-Married a man named Nicholas
-Murdered. Unsure of time frame and details.
Delia Chavez-Bishop
-Married a man named Peter Bishop.
-Took Place in Massachussettes Circa Salem Frenzy.
-All of family murdered as well. Slain by sword/knife
Charlotte Weaver-_______
-Was in love with a man named Peter.
-Buried in a Potter's Field in Lousinanna
Carolina Fuller-___________
-Hanged Self over father's grave, Father's name was Samuel Matthew Peter
-Lived on a plantation in Georgia.
-Father was a "white slave"
Jennifer Adkins-Sumner
-Married a man named Jacob
-Father named Peter.
-Chicago around the time of the great fire.
Caroline Townshend-Burdett
-Murdered by husband's brother(Josiah),choked in basement of the home I currently reside in.
-Married a man named Julian Peter.
-b 1883 d.1911
-Husband was hanged a year later for my murder.
CarolAnne Catherine James-Caldwell-Kolinski
-Married a man named Adam Caldwell, he was murdered by own son.
-Married a man named Joseph Kolinski
-Entire family burned in a house fire, set by son. Intentionally.
-b.1917 d.1946
Katherine Stack-Henderson-Holcomb-Meyers-Roberts/Madden
-Very messed up situation
-Married a man named Joseph Henderson. After his death(Murder) I married a man named Jakob Stack/Holcomb(which happened to be my brother), He died, train accident...Married a man named Matthew Meyers ( My former highschool teacher at time), He died. Car accident. After which I married a man named Zacky Roberts/Madden(Birth name was Madden but he went by his mother's maiden name Roberts)
-Died in car accident on a bridge near my former home.Husband Zacky was driving.
-b.1954 d.1981

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