December 14th, 2004

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Hi, I'm new.

I haven't been following a path that had awakened me to my past lives until a little under a year ago. But ever since then I've been caught in a life changing wave that has absolutely demolished all that I used to be, only to show me there was nothing to crumble in the first place... anyway

About a month and a half ago, I went to a shamanistic astrologer who gleaned from my chart that I was around when the matriarchy crumbled into patriarchy, and I have been pained ever since (explains a lot about me).

I was also told that due to unfortunate circumstances, and me not keeping my mouth shut, I have been killed in many past lives over my beliefs, and I am still emotionally traumatized from an incident where I was burned at the stake (he was unable to tell me why or when)

I was also told I was a male druid, and a woman of prominence in Alexandria (although probably not well known)

I've had vivid flashbacks about standing in a field in africa around a slaughtered tribe, where I stand and scream and cry my eyes out - the strangest thing about these visions though is that I look like me, in this current feminine form, but I can tell it's a past life, although I have no idea what race or sex I was... not that it matters... the fact that I show up as me is probably a sindicator of how I believe in reincarnation and the existance of time...

anyway hopefull this will start up conversation.

the thing i'm concerned about the most is how to find out more, and how to go about healing past mistakes...