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We took a trip out to Birmingham. This is what's left of the birmingham elementary school which burned down in the 1960's. They made this into a park now.

The back of what's left.

The famous haunted Dean's Hollow bridge. I was born right up the street from there.

a differnt angle of the bridge..More pics, proof of haunting to come.

Me...In our pink ass room...There's a little extra something in the room ...Do you spot it?

Do you see what I see...Mind you, the TV isn't turned on at the moment...

More of the Dean's Hollow Bridge, these were taken in Feb

Honestly the wording isn't the reasoning behind the photo...There's something else there...

Same as the previous photo.

The Bridge...facing the car...There's more than just a bridge there...We walked from up the road

The Bridge at the other end (Not facing car)...Spot what I see in this???

More of the bridge and creepy things...
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