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hey, i'm not sure how most people find their gurdian angels but the way i found mine was with a friend.
she said the following story type thing really slowly, giving me time at each point.

(close eyes)
your stading on a long beautiful beach, the sand is warm and white, soft under your toes, the sun is perfect and the water is nice and cool. take in your surroundings, everything is as you see it.
you turn away from the water and look up the grass behind you, their are stairs there.
you walk to them and start walking up them, there are many stiars but you keep gonig,
eventually you reach the top of their stairs, there is an elevator there. you press the call button and the doors open. inside it is dark but you step in and all around you the elevator is beautifully decorated and carved. you press the up button and as the elevator rises you feel lighter and happier.
you reach the top and the doors open, there are stone stairs leading down to a beautiful garden, it can look how ever you want it to, there are glassy slopes and flowers, or maybe bushs and shrubs.
take a while to look around, smell the roses, feel the softness of teh grass under you feel.
you find a path that runs through the garden and although you cant see where it goes you follow it.
you come to a high hedge which the path dissaperes into, you try to see over the hegde but it is too high, you look around for a moment and then find an old door hidden in admist the hegde, you expect its going to be locked but you press it and it opens easily. you walk into and inside there is another smaller garder, in the centre of the garden there is a person standing, this is your guardian angel. walk up to them, take note of what they are wearing, what they look like, ask them their name, dont worry if they wont tell you, they will later, ask if they have anything for you, take it.
talk to your guardian.
Now say your goodbyes, dont worry, it will not being last time you see them. they are always with you.
now walk back through the hedge, back through the agrden, and down the elevator, as you desend feel lightened of all yuor worries. walk down the stairs and take in your beach from above. when you reach the ebach sit back down, it is now sunset and the beach is more magnificent than before, look at the gift you were given and ponder it. what does it mean?
what is this signifigance?
when you are ready open your eyes.

now you have to be consentrated when you do this, dont let anyone distract you, be relaxed and dont be scared fi you get new ands trange feelnigs.
your guardian may not give you their name or even a gift or maybe wont even turn around but dont worry it just mean either you or they are not ready yet.
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