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They've spiked the water,it's in the blood

I am looking for a good FREE genealogy site...
I'm also looking for death records, birth records and Marriage records...

Sometimes while you search for past life information, the memories given to you are a bit false.

I have learned recently that I had a bit of the information backwards that I was feeling...Now that I figured it out, things are working more smoothly.

Here is a bit of information that was given to me by a "friend" while in deep meditation.

You may think you know but you don't know you will never know the truth
The question is why do you question me?
The truth you seek may not be the truth you want

Does this hit you?

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You should not set up limitations in the boundless void, but if you set up limitlessness as the boundless void, you encompass your own downfall. Therefore, those who understand voidness have no concept of voidness.
If people use words to describe mind, they never apprehend mind; if people do not describe mind in words, they still do not apprehend mind. Speech is fundamentally mind; you do not apprehend if because of describing it. Speechlessness is fundamentally mind; you do not apprehend if because of not describing it. Whatever sorts of understanding you use to approximate it, none tally with your own mind itself.

- Foyan, 12th century Zen Master
Eric and Ryan

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Then I will Make all the pretty girls bow before me and summon them in thier dreams

He clears it from my conscience with my vein to the blade

Just live up to your first impression my best side was your worst invention. Can't you live without attention.

A few words told to me from the man I had mentioned in a previous entry.

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